Friday, February 25, 2011

6 Months!

Strange things happen . . . 

"The other day we went over to a house to teach.  Our contact wasn't there. But, there were a ton of other people there having a party. And they all are like "come up to the porch!" we want to listen to what you have to say! haha So we go up there and start teaching.  All these guys were gangsters. I dont mean that in a rude way. But they really were. They were way legit people and very kind and respectable. But like I said there was a party going on inside... And I'm not kidding right in the middle of the lesson some drunk kid comes running out completely naked!!  It was nuts! haha all the people of the porch started freaking out haha it was funny. Deffinetly a moment I will never forget. But like I said it was a pretty cool lesson. The people that were there listening were way cool people :) 

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