Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Changes. New Opportunities.

Elder Rappleye - Mason's New Companion
I have a new companion now. It was transfer week and I am still in Ensley.  I have been called to be a senior companion. My new comps name is Elder Rappleye. He is a visa missionary waiting to go to Brazil. He is a stud! I love working with him. Elder Chugg is with another visa missionary also waiting to go to Brazil. So we are still in the same appt.  Just not as companions.

So its been a crazy week. We had to get our appartment sprayed for bed bugs.Yeah that sucked!   So in terms of how the week has been going . . .  it's been nuts, but going great :)  We are teaching this guy named Derell Tyrone Banks Junior the second haha.  We just call him Derell or Junior.  He is a Stud!  He is used to be a weed smoker, cigerette smoker, and drinker. But he has stoped doing those things cause he wants to get baptized. He has been coming to church now for 3 weeks and he is loving it!   He is a freakin crack up haha.  We are going over there tonight and I'll take my camera and film him for a little bit and you'll see what I mean. He is way funny!  It's always a blast hangin out with him.

So things here are going good. We don't have a lot going on yet since its the start of the transfer.  But this week is going to be rockin!  Me and Elder Rappleye are working way hard and having a blast!  I'll let you know how this week goes :) It will be awesome!  Oh and I have lost 7 pounds in the past 2 weeks!  I am so stoked! haha  I went from 196 to 188 :)  haha sorry, I know thats random, but I am way pumped about it.

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