Monday, December 20, 2010

More News From Ensley, Alabama

Expert from Mason's Email today:

Elders Dunn, Chugg, Taylor, Chelson, Rappyleye, and Baldwin with
Sister Cope (my Mission President's wife) at the Ensley Branch on Sunday
 "This week has been the best week I've had since I have been here in Alabama :).  I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am here.  I love Ensley so much! And I love serving with Elder Chugg! Me and him have been working so hard this week. Like non stop! We have been doing so much tracting.  I think we've done more tracting this week than I have done all together in Homewood. The thing I love about Elder Chugg is that he wants to work hard. He has a desire to really work and to be successful. And its really been rubbing off on me. Together we both want to make a difference here. This area needs to grow! The thing is with Ensley is that its a very dark place - really struggles. At first I was way scared and very nervous to work in a place like this. But as my time goes on here, I start to realize that bringing the light and love of the Savior to an area that needs it is a huge blessing and opportunity. I am so gratefull and so blessed to have this privilege.  

I have no doubt that this is where I need to be.  When I was at the transfer meeting (where you find out where your going and who your serving with), President got up and starting speaking before they announced where everyone was going.  He told us that around 4:00 that morning the Lord woke him up; telling him that he needed to make a change with the transfers. So they made calls to people who needed to get transfered that morning and told them to pack up and be at the transfer meeting at 9:45. I get announced that I am going to Ensley and that I would be serving with Elder Chugg. Later on that day I found out that Elder Chugg was one of those people that President called that morning letting him know that he was getting a new comp. So that was the Lord testifying to me that Ensley is where I need to be.  I am so happy here!  I cant even begin to describe it to you.  I am having so much fun here!  I love the other missionaries I'm serving with.  Everyday is a party . . . ha-ha.  We are working hard and having a blast!  I am so happy and honored to be here! I can't wait for what the future holds.  I'll keep you posted on how the work goes.

Sister Cope with her Primary Class at Ensley on Sunday
Sister Cope, one of our senior sister missionaries, enjoyed her last Sunday in the Ensley Branch. She will be heading home on Wednesday after fulfilling her mission with honor. She really enjoyed her assignment in the Ensley Branch. She has been a blessing to us all!

Christmas Lunch - Picked up his Christmas Package

KD put together a wonderful 12 days of Christmas for him.  He says he is being good and not opening any of the packages before he is supposed to.  We get to talk to him 9:30 Saturday for about 45 minutes.  We are so excited about it.  

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