Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sister Cope and Elder Taylor Jr.

Mason' Mission President posted this.  Thought it was great.
We are so proud of our son.  He is adjusting to life a s missionary and is learing to lean on his Savior to get him through the difficult parts. 

We have not received the package he has been promising us for a month.  It has pictures, handwritten letters, and his camera.  Another missionary dropped it when taking a picture for him.  Thank good for warranties.  Maybe, I should have purchased two years : )
Elders Johnsen, Taylor, and Lasike
He looks good.  Looks happy.  Loves his companion, Elder Lasike.  They have a baptism coming up on Oct 17th. 

Regarding the baptism, an expert from Mason:

He actualy is getting baptized on the 17th. So next Sunday! :) Im so excited!! He is a stud!  About ten years ago, he got hit by a car. It really messed him up! His neck, and his legs are still in very bad condition, and he is unable to bend his knees forward. So last Wednesday we met with him, and he asked us both to baptize him! So how it's going to work is, Elder Lasike is going to do the actual Baptism part, but I'm going to be in the font with them, and Elder Lasike will hold his arm and hands like you would in a regular baptism, and I'll be in the back supporting him on the way down, and supporting him on the way back up! I'm soooo excited and so honored to be apart of this! It'll be happening at 12:30 this Sunday!! I'm way pumped! Kinda of nervous, but way pumped! So continue to keep him in your prayers :) He is such a stud! I love the dude to death!
Mason Talking to Sister Kathleen Cope
 Caption from Mission President regarding the pitcure left:

"Sister Cope visiting with Elder Taylor (his father was a missionary in Sister Cope's mission when she and her husband presided in the Missouri Independence Mission)."
Mason and Sister Cope
Emails from Sister Cope:

Date: Tue, Oct 12, 2010 at 6:59 PM

Subject: Your Elder Taylor!

Yes....I saw your Elder Taylor today and he looks good. So clean cut and full of the Spirit and happy. He wants to know when your birthdays are...I feel blessed to be here while he is here too. Our President Holzapfel is so full of energy and he wants to follow everything that Salt Lake is asking for our mission to do. You could let me know about your birthdays and I will give your missionary a call and tell him. Best Wishes....Sister Cope

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