Thursday, September 16, 2010

"Your Missionary Has Arrived!"

Elder Taylor and Others Arrive In Alabama

Got up this morning and found these wonderful pictures in our Inbox.  It is great to see our boy.  The picture at the airport is the first "Missionary" we have recieved.  Mason has not sent his MTC pictures yet. So we were thrilled to see this one. 

He looks great and seems to be happy and excited.  You can probably see by the look on his face that Elder Taylor is still our Mason and enjoys having a great time.

Food looks good. 

Elder Taylor, Elder Pili Enjoying Mission Home Diner
KD had a nice day yesterday.  First our four minute call from the Salt Lake Airport; then she got another call around 12:00 yesterday from the Cinciantiti, Ohio airport while he was on a layover.  They were able to talk just a little longer this time where he was able to share with his mom a little more details about everything.   Then to her great surprise around 9:30 our time, the phone rings.  She looks at the Caller ID and it says, AL MISSION!.  She was so excited about it.  She thought it might be Mason again.  Turned out to be his mission president, President  Richard Holzapfel.  Seems Mason could not remember our email address.  It was a really quick call - no more the 30 - 45 seconds.  Just long enough to say hi, he arrived, need your email address, enjoy our mission blog.  It was fun for KD. 

President and Sister Holzapfel
We have been so impressed with Mason's mission president.  He and his wife seem like such good people.  If you look at their mission blog, you can get a real sense of their love, support, and commitment to our missionaries.  LOVE THE BLOG! I can only imagaine the time and effort it takes to manage missionaries and the Lord's work for a mission.  We are so grateful for President and Sister Holzapfel and taking care of our boy.   

We are so grateful for this wonderful blessing of sending our boy into the world to preach the restored gospel.  We are grateful for him and his committement to the Lord Jesus Christ. 

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