Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"I'm On My Way!"

Elder Taylor Calls From the Airport
 Today, we got a wonderful call from Mason.  He was only allowed four minutes, but those four minutes were very special for our family. 

He called around 6:15 or so - just before bording the flight.  Everyone jumped out of bed and gathered around mom as we talked on the speaker phone to our missionary. 

He sounded awesome.  He said he was so excited, but very nervous.  He explained it as, "At first when people would ask me if I'm excited to go, I would be like, 'Oh Yeah! Can't wait to get out there.'  Now it's more like, 'Ah . . . yeah.  I can't wait."  The reality of it all is setting in.  He says he knows it not going to be easy.  But he also said he is 100% committed to doing his very best and serving the Savior with all of his heart. 

He shared with us some details of his teaching experiences with pretend investigators.  Mason said, "At first it was way hard.  But towards the end of our three weeks, me and Elder Vakalahai knocked it out of the park.  It was so cool."

Mason mentioned that the group going to Alabama was huge.  Fifteen plus missionaries.  Most of his district from the MTC and another group. 

He dropped his camera.  Well, he didn't; another missionary did.  Says that it does not zoom now and is a little out of focus.  Good thing I purchased the another one year unconditional warranty.  I think I will go back and purchase a second year now. 

Towards the end of our call, he expressed his worry and concern for our family.  "Please keep safe,"  he said, as he started to cry a bit.  We all did.  It was truly a special moment for the Taylor Clan.  He basically shared his testimony of the work and especially his desire and willingness to do his very best for the Lord. 

We are so proud of our son and brother.  You can sense the change that is taking place in his heart.  And that despite his nervousness, he is excited.  We are praying hard for his Trainer to be a good one. 

To gain a bit of insight into the Alabama Birmingham Mission's preparations for this new group of missionaries coming in click here: Alabama Mission Blog

NOTE TO FRIENDS AND FAMILY:  sorry for the lack of updates.  We (Roger) will do better at keeping everyone updated.  Mason as sending a buch of pictures from his three weeks in the MTC.  As soon as we get them, I'll post them for everyone to see. 

Thanks for everyone love and support.  Especially your prayers in behalf of our boy.  Love ya all.

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  1. You're doing great bro!! Keep up the good work in keeping us updated. We love you all.

    - Chris, Jen and Christopher