Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mason's Talk In Church

Excerpts from his talk on "The Freedom of Covenants"
I am thrilled beyond measure to serve in the Alabama Birmingham Mission. I am one of a last handful of our soccer team to go on a mission. We now have teammates serving missions in:

• South Korea
• Croatia
• Tennessee
• Brazil (2)
• Italy
• Pennsylvania
• Oregon
• My best friend Alex is in San Jose California

My dad asked me if I was disappointed that I was not going foreign. I remember distinctly while waiting for friends and family to show up at the house to see me open my call, saying to myself, “please not Boise, ID.” Not that Boise is a bad place. You just have this vision of somewhere completely different.

When I opened my call and saw Birmingham Alabama, I had no desire to go anywhere else. Everyone says it’s still pretty foreign.

Since then, Heavenly Father has blessed me with a few amazing experiences that have testified to me that Alabama is my mission


I am so very grateful for the promises that I have made with the Lord and am excited about His promises to me. I feel different; I feel different about myself; about my family; about the world around me – about my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.


Sometimes people may view the idea of making covenants, as a bad thing. As being restrictive or confining. Or in other words not free. I testify that it is just the opposite. As it said in Gospel Principles: “If we keep or covenants, we will receive exaltation in the celestial kingdom”

We may live in His presence and partake of His love, compassion, power, greatness, knowledge, wisdom, glory, and dominions. How is that not free?

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