Wednesday, August 25, 2010

And The Mission Begins . . .

Mason Saying Goodbye to Saya

I took off three days from work.  Spent Monday running around taking care of some last minute items - bank account, things for his check list etc.

Tuesday we went to the temple.  Mason and Madie went early in the morning.  Mason went again with a friend of his. Me, Mom and Mase went again in the afternoon and then went to lunch. 

Wednesday was hee before you knew it.  Went to lunch at Chili's in Provo (took forever).  Then went to the Provo Temple to take pictures and wait for 1:30. 

On Our Way To The MTC - Provo, Utah

1:30 came.  As hard as it was to see him go, the Church's new curbside service was really kind of special.  He was instantly surrounded by other missionaries; grabbing his bags, asking him questions, and taking him were he needed to go.  Quick for him.  Quick for us.  We were out the parking lot and down the round by 1:33.  Three minutes.  Crazy.  It was a long ride home.  

Taylor Family

Mason, Madie, Daeton, and Drake - Provo, Utah

Such a precious picture - can anyone ever really understand a mother's love and sacrifice?

Madie - trying to lift spirits


Dad's last Chance for Advice

Drake and Mason

Daeton and Mason

It's a Taylor Thing . . .

Dad's last chance . . .
Curb Side Service and Mom's last hug for two years.

And there he goes - 3 minutes start to finish.

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